Autumn Cookies Colouring Page

Autumn Cookies Colouring Page

Do you remember that little mouse from the 'Cat and Mouse' colouring page from October? Well, they're back again and let me tell you, I'm considering framing this one and having it on my desk because she's a beauty!

Free Colouring Page Printable

I can't help but feel sorry for the brown pens in my collection, seeing as though they spend most of the year left untouched this is definitely the colouring page for them to shine!

Autumn Cookies Colouring Page

Doodle Details

This printable was made for warm toned colours - oranges, reds and browns.

There's no guide lines for shading on the tea cup so my advice here is to load up your extra layers and darker shades on the outer edges. I usually go in with a 'base' layer of colour and then use short 'flicky' lines that flick toward the centre for shading.

You can get a really cool effect for wood grain by adding your first base layer of colour as normal and then (using that same colour) add another line of ink just above or below the black outlines.

I've chose to use the 250gsm Bristol Board again for this one. It's incredibly thick paper (practically card) but it's great at holding the ink, especially when using alcohol markers.

Download Autumn Cookies Colouring Page

As always, this little printable is designed for personal use only. Print it, colour it, share it on socials, plaster your living room with it if it makes you happy, but we’ll draw the line at using it for monetising gains.

Have a great doodle day, create something colourful!

Love always,

Gemma x

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