Bunch Of Flowers Colouring Page

Bunch Of Flowers Colouring Page

In the spirit of tempting those Spring flowers out of the ground, this weeks free colouring page brings all the colourful flowers out instead!

Here in the UK there is the faintest whisper that Spring is on it's way. The days start to get a little longer, frost is starting to fade by morning and whilst there isn't any brave flowers poking their heads up just yet, the whole place is starting to feel a little greener.

February's theme for me, is always a celebration of pink tones. So this month expect a lot of colouring pages that try to make use of every shade you've got!

Bunch Of Flowers Colouring Page

I've used Ohuhu Alcohol markers for this one, printed on 250gsm weighted paper. There's definitely some intricate details for this one so the bullet tip end comes in handy for some of the smaller areas. 

For the main blooms I've grouped them into 3's for colour just to give a little more variation to look at but for the carnation style flowers and the small violet colour ones, I've used the same colour for all.

Download Bunch Of Flowers Colouring Page

As always, this little printable is designed for personal use only. Print it, colour it, share it on socials, plaster your living room with it if it makes you happy, but we’ll draw the line at using it for monetising gains.


Have a great doodle day, create something colourful!

Love always, 

Gemma x

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