Fairy Garden Colouring Page

Fairy Garden Colouring Page

Summer has been great but I'm an autumn girl at heart 🧡.

To celebrate the darker, moodier nights ahead (making a perfectly good excuse to stay indoors and hibernate under blankets) this months theme is Toadstools and Fairy Gardens!

Fairy Garden Colouring Page

For richer colours, water based markers will leave visible 'overlap lines' as you draw back and forth across the page, where the ink overlaps as you go it will show up a little darker.

This doesn't bother me too much but I know for some, it is a pain in the stationery butt!

For me, it's all about working with the lines not against them. When colouring in large areas, pick one direction to colour in and stick to it, for me, this is usually horizontally (like the grass or sky).

If I want the bushes to add height, then I'll colour them in with vertical strokes but use a second layer (going over it twice) on the edges to create a bit of depth.

Download Fairy Garden Colouring Page

As always, this little printable is designed for personal use only. Print it, colour it, share it on socials, plaster your living room with it if it makes you happy, but we’ll draw the line at using it for monetising gains.

Have a great doodle day, create something colourful!

Love always,

Gemma x


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