Haunted House Colouring Page

Haunted House Colouring Page

We're throwing realism to the curb with this one.

Make your spooky house bold and bright and keep the background dark and moody and you've got yourself a perfect base for creating something chilling!

Haunted House Colouring Page

Doodle Details

There's lots of wide open spaces for this one, so round up all of your greens for the trees, bushes and grass area. I've used the darkest shades at the back of the picture gradually getting lighter as I move into the foreground.

For the sky, you'll notice there's a ring detail emanating from the moon. It's a great way to show the light darkening as it moves away from the moon (lightest closest, getting darker as you colour toward the edge of the page, which is what I absolutely should've done but picked up the wrong shade of blue, it happens). I've chose blues turning to navy black but I was definitely tempted by an orange to brown dusk combination!

Paper Choices

I've been testing out different paper brands for alcohol markers and for this one I've used a 250gsm Bristol Board, it's incredibly thick and my printer just about handled it going through the rollers, but it's great at holding alcohol ink (which is good because this girl forgot to pop the silicone mat underneath the paper before colouring, so it would have been a disastrous way of finding out if it didn't!).

When I first tested this colouring page I used a 100gsm printer paper with alcohol markers, and it was absolutely fine. You'll just want to pop an extra piece of paper underneath to catch the bleed through.

Download Haunted House Colouring Page

As always, this little printable is designed for personal use only. Print it, colour it, share it on socials, plaster your living room with it if it makes you happy, but we’ll draw the line at using it for monetising gains.

Have a great doodle day, create something colourful!

Love always,

Gemma x

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