The Mouse & His Cookies Colouring Page

The Mouse & His Cookies Colouring Page

Did you ever read the story 'The Princess & The Pea'? This was the starting point as I sat down to doodle this weeks colouring page.

Except whilst a Princess couldn't possibly sleep on a bed of mattresses that had a single pea stuffed under them, this mouse sleeps soundly knowing he has a stash of cookies safely nestled under his pillow mountain!

A Mouse And His Cookie

I've given the alcohol markers a rest this week and raided my water based marker stash. If you missed my Instagram Stories where I 'deep dived' into which brands I like/love/tolerate, I've popped it in a handy highlight because for this colouring page ... I've used just about every brand I own!

I've stuck to a mostly warm colour palette again, making the most of the oranges and browns before December comes and poof! It's reds, greens and golds everywhere!

Download The Mouse And His Cookies

As always, this little printable is designed for personal use only. Print it, colour it, share it on socials, plaster your living room with it if it makes you happy, but we’ll draw the line at using it for monetising gains.

Have a great doodle day, create something colourful!

Love always,

Gemma x

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